What are your talents?

Performance? Singing? Rhythm? Lyrics?

b_about-the-artistguitar-paintingFrom before birth, children hear the music in their mother’s voices… in the rushing of the wind… in the tinkling of silverware.

Babies are born to listen! And their fascination with the great colorful noisy world soon turns inward as they discover the magic of their own hands and the music of their own voices.

Children don’t want to wait for their voices to be strong enough or for their hands to grow big enough… they want to make music now! I’m here to help you sustain your child’s fascination with music and expression for a lifetime.

Easy encouragement and gentle guidance early on make a world of difference. Won’t you give me a call at (512) 917-5908 and visit with me about music in your child’s life?

Celebrating Children & Music